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Pictures via Pinterest

Some of you told me you would love to see some more interior inspiration on my blog. I love to search for some good interior pictures and to get an overload of inspiration for my own home, so here are some ideas I want to share with you:

1. This cute 'Mini Jack' is intended as a doorstop or to put on your magazines, but you can also just use it as decoration. I think it's just a cool shape & color and it definitely makes your interior more interesting.
2. Buy a big clear vase and put some nice big flowers in it. It's beautiful for on your dining table. I saw this picture and recognized the flowers.. I just got them in my garden. I think it's a great idea to look into your garden and check if you can use some nice flowers to make a nice bouquet with them.
3. The bottles from L:A Bruket look so nice that they definitely give your bathroom that little extra. Btw, how wonderful is this bathroom?! 
4. Looking for some storage for your makeup and/or jewelry? Take a look at Muji and you'll find the most amazing boxes for a little price :)
5. Another flower tip: In spring I like to put some small vases together and put just one or two flowers in each vase. It looks super fresh and doesn't have to be expensive. These H&M vases are only 2 euros, but you can also find some nice vases for only 1 euro at Ikea.
6. The vases again, but then with flowers. Do you like it?
7. Great if you have an office or a room to study or something: Buy some clipboards and attach them to your wall above your desk. You can put some notes or inspiration pictures on the clipboards what looks quite cool! Another easy thing to do: Just buy some cool tape and tape the pictures/notes on your wall.
8. Green plants! They fit with every interior and give your home a fresh look. I love big ones with big leaves. But look at this picture, I love the idea :) Just put a big leave in a small vase, it looks amazing!



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TRIWA Sort of Black Gold watch via 10:35 Horlogeboetiek

I'm not a 'gold' person normally, more a 'silver one', but I got a weakness for gold watches, especially big ones in a basic black/white outfit. I already got a silver and rose golden watch and now it was definitely time for a gold one and I think I found the perfect one! Lately I'm in love with this kind of wristband and I think the simplicity of the watch is perfection. Nice fact: The watch is a collaboration between Triwa and Danish designer Rasmus Storm, who seriously makes some cool stuff!