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Ph. Lynn Henderiks

FRONT ROW SHOP jeans & cardigan / UNKNOWN tee / ADIDAS superstar / EVERIE CPH clutch

Finally a new blogpost! As I told you I'm working more than 24/7 atm, so really I have to find some time to put in the blog, mostly in the mornings. Today and tomorrow are my days off, what means 'blog time'! I got a lot of wonderful new jewelry which I would love to show you tomorrow, I think you'll love it! 
Next week I'm still busy with a lot of stuff, but I'll do my very best to give you more blog-updates. Pinky promise! :)
Enjoy your sunday, loves!



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Ph. Lynn Henderiks

Let's talk about something serious. Since I got some new jobs, yep, you read correctly, some new jobs, I need some extra days in one week ;) Unfortunately they're not here haha. I'm working as an online trading manager for something really exciting (more info about that later) and next to that I work as a freelancer. And of course blogging is my third job. So much to do in so little time, but I love it and I want to do it all perfectly. Now the last two weeks are super, super busy so the updates on my blog are a little less,  but I want to make a super great comeback! But how to do that without the opinion of you, my reader?

I just want to ask you some questions and hopefully I can make my blog more and more fun and interesting in the next few months. So.. here are the questions:
1. First of all: What do you like the most on my blog and why? What inspires you etc?
2. What are you missing? Do you want some more outfitpictures, some more giveaways, or do you maybe want something totally new? Maybe some more 'health' talk, beauty talk or trend talk? or a sneak peek in my normal life? Or some more wishlists, things I love or inspiration? Just tell me!
3. Are you a blog reader of a blog viewer? So do you like to read texts or are you more a picture person?
4. About the photography: Do you like all the minimalistic backgrounds in my latest outfitpictures or do you think streetstyle pictures work better? Or do you just like them more?

I'll be super thanksful if you can help me with this :)



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Midseason sale has started! Just wanted to tell you that you can shop some really cool stuff at Nelly for great prices! More than 50-70% off.
Go to this link and use code 'SIETSKE' to get access to the sale.
Here are some of my favorites and as you can see my teddy jacket & scuba jacket are also on sale :) They're for the half of the price right now. Shop till you drop! ;)