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As all of you know beanies ar totally on trend this winter..
But for me it was hard to find the perfect easy one, without a chunky knit, just super basic in different colors like white (I've never seen a white beanie somewhere), neon yellow and black.
Now I finally found these amazing ones, just how I needed them!
The fabric is great, the colors are nice and you can wear them in 2 different ways (folded or not).
And I thought.. Maybe you're also interested for some beanies like these?

Now I'm thinking of buying a lot of them, but only if there's any interest of course.
For now I got the following colors (as you can see on the pictures):
1. Dark red
2. Cobalt blue
3. Black
4. Neon pink
5. Neon yellow
6. White
7. Watermelon Red (not on the picture yet)

The neon colors are more neon in real, my camera can't handle the brightness of it ;)

The beanies will be between €7 and €10 without shipping costs.
The shipping costs (apiece) will be:

- €2 for The Netherlands
€4 for Europe
€6 for the rest of the world

If you're interested or if you have any questions, please let me know in a comment below (you'll not buy them directly, I just need to take into account of the amount I have to order)