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Ph. Danielle Vroemen

Front Row Shop jacket, COS tee, Monki jeans, Zara slip ons

So sorry for the lack of updates last days. My laptop is dead.. Hopefully I can buy a new one very soon.
I tried to install photoshop on my boyfriend's laptop, but it didn't work.. super weird.
So for now I'm using paint shop pro to edit my pictures ;) Well, to edit them a bit, because I can't edit them like I did with photoshop. But it's all about the outfit, right? :)

And.. From now on I'm gonna photograph my outfits outside with my new photographer Danielle! :)
She's a jewellery designer, so she has a super creative mind, how great is that! I'll tell yoy more about her and her jewellery collection soon.
Today we shot some pictures together for the first time and I'm already really happy with the result!
What do you think about it?