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Okay.. This reminds me of when I was like 10 years old:
I bought my first hair mascara, in a terrible blue-ish colour.. I just dyed a lock of hair and it drought so ugly. But I kind of liked it though ;)

Now.. When you're reading this blogpost, I'm at the hairdresser.. Yess at this moment I'm dying my hair again!
And no.. No pink, purple or whatever, just white blonde like I had last summer.
I really missed it, so I had to dye it again.
At some other blogs I found a few bloggers with white blonde hair who'd dip-dyed their hair with lovely pink hair masacara! It looked so great and real that I had to buy these violet and turquoise ones on Ebay. Just for 2 euros each!
They're also available in magenta, orange, blue, green, well.. Almost every colour of the rainbow.
Can't wait to try them and show you the result (also of my white blonde hair)!

Curious? You can find the hair mascara's here!