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Some of my favorite items of the new fall/winter season and of the summer season.
Wish that all these pieces were hanging in my closet..

1. Givenchy top
2. 3.1 Phillip Lim leather jumper
3. Vans leopard sneakers
4. Balenciaga boots
5. Stella McCartney sunnies
6. VPL bra
7. 3.1 Phillip Lim leopard sweater
8. Proenza Schouler bag
9. Topshop 'vintage' shorts




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Minusey jacket, H&M Trend top, H&M jeans and bag, Nike Roshe Run sneakers, Galisfly rings

So, so sorry for the lack of updates last days. I was super busy with work, events, festivals, so I really needed some 'no-blog' time.. Otherwise I came back home from work at 7pm and had to blog till 10pm or something, day in day out. So that was a bit too much for me last week.
From now on I'm gonna give you more updates definitely! This week is gonna be fun, gonna celebrate my birthday (the 4th of July) 3 days in a row haha, so I can't wait untill I'm 24 :)

Later this day another blogpost! Gonna try to give you 2 updates a day again :)
Have a nice sunday! xo




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I'm the happiest girl in town right now. I finally received my Nike Roshe Run Metric trainers!
They were sold out everywhere, but lucky as I am I found them on the internet in my size.
And I received them earlier than expected, whoop whoop!
They are so refreshing and walk like heaven, so these trainers are already my favorite shoes!



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- advertorial

Gadgets are always good, aren't they? 
Last week I received the new Xperia SP from Sony and I can tell you it's great!
The touchscreen works flawlessly, the colors are seriously super bright and the sounds are also very nice and 'deep'.
The fun thing of the phone is when you play some music you'll see some different colors of light 'dancing' on the rythm of the music. Or you can give a contact as example the color blue, so when he/she calls you, the phone will lighten up in that color. Fun fact, right?

For now I got a suuuuper big surprise for you..
In collaboration with Fashiolista I'm gonna give away one of these Sony Xperia SP phones worth €400 to one of you guys!
Not today, but very, very soon!

For more info about the phone, click here