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A little black dress, every girl need a dress like that, right?

Actually I almost never wear dresses, but I got a weakness for black dresses when they’re super basic but classy. The one that I’m wearing on the pictures is from GIRISSIMA.COM, a webshop based in Lisbon. So yep, I was totally in Portuguese style in Portugal during my holiday ;) 

For more good stuff like dresses, tops and more you should check their webshop!

They sell a lot of nice brands like Ganni, By Malene Birger and BelAir.
And.. Nice to know: there’s sale now, up to 60% off so a lot of good stuff for nice prices!



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New year, fresh start, new changes, right? So let's start a new amazing give away!

Probably you all know the brand Palladium, but for the ones that don't know the brand, I'll tell a short story:
Palladium was founded in 1920 in France. Quite a long time ago, right?
Till 1947 they made tires for aircrafts, but after World War 2 there was no more need for those tires, so Palladium used their expertise to make boots that were as hard wearing as their tires.
They were so comfortable that this was the beginning of a great new success of Palladium.
Especially in the 90s Palladium boots were a great success and also now they're totally in fashion by young and creative people! 
As you might know rapper Pharrell had a great collaboration with Palladium and he's totally rocking the boots in every style and color.
The boots are sporty, casual and urban at the same time, and last but not least: I can tell you they're super warm for the colder days (hello winter!).

Let's go back to the giveaway now:
This time you can win the same model of Palladiums which I'm wearing at the pictures.
They are super comfortable ánd warm.

What you have to do:
1. Like Palladium on Facebook
2. Follow me on Bloglovin'
3. Leave a comment with your email adress and why you should win this pair of shoes

The giveaway will end at the 16th of January.
Good luck!



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Romwe coat and loafers, ASOS corset, Topshop jeans, Siebel jewelry

It's time for some simplicity today.
Wearing a lot of new stuff, including these earrings and necklace from Siebel.
Super minimalistic, so you never can go wrong with this kind of jewelry, right? ;)



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Jacket / Shoeby
Pants and pumps / Zara
Bag / Romwe
Necklace / Minusey

I think the most of you know I went to an event of Shoeby a few weeks ago.
It was really great: nice people, nice drinks and foods, nice location and of course a more than nice summer collection. Before this event I wasn't really familiar with Shoeby, but from now on I'm definitely gonna check their shops and webshop more often. They have lovely items in every style, they are super on trend, the prices are perfect, so in my opinion everyone will find something what he/she (it's also for men ánd for boys and girls) likes.

A couple of weeks ago I decided to order this wonderful jacket which reminds me of the spring/summer 2011 collection of Burberry (yep, that's what I told you, super on trend!). It's a perfect jacket for this spring and summer and I really like the PU leather details on it.

So are you looking for some new stuff for you spring/summer wardrobe? Take a look at their shop!




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I just want to introduce you the new campaign of ONLY, called 'Because we can'.
A few days ago ONLY launched an interactive video where YOU get to make the decisions, so you get to decide how you want the story to move forward.
And what's more fun than being a part of a fashion video?!

In short: The video is about three cool girls in a random small-town setting meet up with an innocent local girl who ends up taking a leap towards independence in the most fun-filled, adventurous way imaginable!
Ever wondered what it's like to steal a pair of jeans? You can steal your own pair! Sounds bad, but cool, huh?! ;)

The movie was made in Florida, with four gorgeous models. They're wearing clothes from the new ONLY High Summer collection, so when you're watching the video, you get an impression about ONLY's newest collection.
The most cool part of it: you can even buy the clothes immediately on the webshop!

Niklas Sonderskov Andersen, head of Marketing at ONLY says:
'With this movie, we want to push ONLY much closer to our consumers - all the cool girls out there who knows as much about fashion and trends as anyone. We really want to let them in on the process, deciding what ONLY is all about. With this movie, they get to make decisions and thereby make a bold statement about  fashion.'

Well.. If you ask me, I think it's entirely successful.
I viewed the video and it's really fun! So check it out yourself!

Meet ONLY model Erika Linder, the boyish-charm in the movie:

Fun-loving, short-haired Erika Linder has a special air about her.
Often cast as a boy, and working as a model for male as well as female fashion brands, her androgynous look goes really well with the laidback-style that ONLY is all about. This is a little interview about her modelling life and the future.

Do you like being a model?
Yes, I do. The job takes me aroung the world. I'm booked for LA, New York and Tokyo this year, so it's really going to be an adventure.

In the ONLY movie you played a strong character who has wild, boyish charm. Do you like that part?
Yes, I do. I think my character is very similar to hers and I can really relate to her personality and attitude.

What do you dream of doing in the future?
I would love to become an actress. I really love movies, and I love the intensity of acting. It really speaks to me.

Is there a part in the movie that makes you think something: that should've been me doing that part?
Yes, I would love to be playing the part of the little boy in the movie Into the Wild. He is so small and fragile, and has a fantastic imagination.

What do you think about the concept and movie?
Do you like these kind of campaigns? Tell me!