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Like a year ago I discovered the BB (Blemish Balm) cream: a day cream and foundation in one!
I really love the BB creams, just because I'm too lazy to use a day cream first and a foundation after it..

For now I bought myself this one from Nivea. I seriously love the softness and smell of the Nivea creams, so what's better than thát softness and smell including a foundation?!
I totally recommend it, it feels so light and healthy on the skin, totally not like a big fat foundation.
There are 2 different colors of the Nivea BB cream: the BB cream light, for the light skin, and a darker one, the BB cream medium, especially for the dark skin. Unfortunately I'm as white a snow white at the moment, so I'm using the light one ;) Hurray!
Maybe it's nice to know something more about the cream:
As you can see the cream has a 6 in 1 formula:
- It moisturizes the skin
- It tones the skin
- It camouflages imperfections like redness and spots
- It equalizes the skin and refines the pores
- It makes the skin softer
- It protects the skin because it contains SPF10

And actually, that's not all:
The BB cream is quickly absorbed, is enriched with Vitamin C, Mineral Pigments and Provitamin B5 and therefore it has an intensive nourishing effect.

Sound great, huh?!

I think you now have had enough information for today? ;)
If you want some more info, just click here