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My Mango trip (and win a car!)


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First of all.. This is only part 1 of the pictures ;) Part 2 is coming next week probably.

As you already know I went to Barcelona last Monday, for a little 2-day-trip. Mango & SEAT invited me to admire their lovely collaboration: a SEAT Mii by Mango car! The car totally fits the fashion of Mango, because of the colors, the shapes, the interior and last but definitely not least: you'll get two bags by the car, one small bag for your make-up and one bag for your shoes. Because we women all recognize the total mess of too many shoes and make-up in our cars, right?
The super great thing is that we all can win that car by joining a contest (more about that later in this post)!

I went to Barcelona to get inspired, to admire the car, to visit the designers and to get the briefing for the contest.. A busy schedule, but it was definitely worth it!
When I was 15 I went to Barcelona for the first and last time, so it was quite a long time ago. I really loved the city that time, so I knew I definitely was gonna love it again. And yep.. I think it's such a great city with wonderful buildings, perfect for some shopping and with a great atmosphere.. I just love it! And what I loved as much as the whole city was the hotel where I stayed in, Hotel W. As you can see on the pictures it's way too amazing haha ;) The rooms were beautiful, the food was perfect and I had an amazing view from my bedroom! Next to the view I especially enjoyed the breakfast, it was just sooo good! Would love to stay there again soon! But okay, enough food- and hotel talk, now back to fashion!

In the evening we all went to the Mango SS14 fashion show, where Mango showed all her amazing pieces for this summer. A lot of white, nudes and super feminine fluttery fabrics and next to that there was kind of a sports collection with amazing electric blue's and mesh in it. Mango definitely did a great job!
After the show we went to the after party were we could admire the new SEAT Mii by Mango car, such a cute and feminine car!

So.. Do you want to win this car? Or do you want to win one of the 5 Mango gift vouchers worth 500 euro?
The only thing you have to do is:
Design two bags for the Mii by Mango car: one makeup bag and one shoe bag.
For the Dutchies: Click here for the link and to read what to do exactly.
For the International ladies & gentlemen: Click here to join the contest.

Want some extra inspiration? Get inspired by this video (it's in Dutch)!
More inspiration is coming later in some other video's :)

And don't forget: get inspired by 'a car for a girl from the city'. Be creative!

You can join the contest till the 4th of March.



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Last wednesday, when I was in Amsterdam, I went to the pressday of COS. 
COS showed us her new spring/summer 2014 collection and I can tell you: it's amazing!
As the most of you know COS is definitely one of my favorite brands/stores, I always love the fabrics and shapes of the clothes and accessories, and this spring/summer the shapes are fabrics are even better than other years!
Especially the fabrics are super special. The colors are pastels again and of course a lot of white, which is always good if you ask me.
This is definitely going to be a COS wardrobe for me this spring ;)

This is what COS tells about her spring/summer 2014 collection:
'There's playful construction and a youthful air at COS for spring/summer 2014, with bold shapes and soft colors creating a collection that's both fresh and dynamic. Fabrics tell the story of each garment, whether it be iridescent silk nylons or the perfect papery white poplin. The sea is an inspiration throughout, from the transculent surface to the sci-fi world of the deep. Jolts of color and decisive cutting techniques help define a wardrobe of pieces that are as wearable as they are optimistic.'

What's your first impression of the collection?




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As you might know via Instagram a couple of weeks ago I went to Rotterdam for something really exciting.
I know I'm a little late with this blogpost, already told you I was super busy the last couple of weeks, but I really want to share this great new with you.. 'Cause it's not only great for me, also for all of you fashion bloggers and blog readers. 
I went to Rotterdam for a kick-off of a new, innovative concept/website, called
Lucy, Levi and me are more than happy to be the ambassadors of this great platform. We went to the SS Rotterdam cruise ship for the launch, had a ride in a watertaxi and ended with a delicious dinner at the Harbour Club.

The website is about increasing the popularity of your own blog.. Even when your blog is not on top at the moment. Top bloggers are always top and that's super great, but Jolique (on the 2nd picture), the owner and creator of ilovefashionbloggers, wants to give the 'less-known' fashion bloggers the opportunity te be on top! Sounds cool, right? So also for blog readers it's a nice platform to find some cool new upcoming bloggers.

You can sign up here to promote your own blog or to just follow blogs.

See you over there guys!



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Ph. by Sabine

Better late than never, right?
I'm so busy the last time, that I just didn't had the time to tell you how the Mexx style event was last month.
Probably you have already seen the blogposts from Joyce and Rosanna, but here is my update finally.
When Mexx asked me to give a styling session, I was flattered. As you maybe know in the meantime I'm styling photoshoots, so styling for a famous brand like Mexx was awesome!
Actually I really didn't know what to expect during the styling session in the Mexx shop in the Kalverstraat in Amsterdam, but I can tell you: it was fun!
The people I helped were so nice to work with, they wanted to try everything that I gave them and almost liked every single piece.
I would definitely doing a styling session like this again. Thanks Mexx and Fashiolista for this great opportunity!



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As I already told you a few days ago this Saturday, the 10th of November, there will be a really nice styling event at the Mexx store in the Kalverstraat in the centre of Amsterdam.

What the day will give you:
There will be a dj playing some great music during the day and bloggers Joyce, Rosanna, Lucy and me will style a few people during a 1 hour styling session (per person) in a full Mexx outfit. After the styling session you can buy the outfit or some of the clothes with 35% off! But there's also a change to win your whole outfit! Sounds great, huh?!
Joyce and I are gonna style people from 11am till 2pm and the other girls are having their styling session from 2pm till 5pm.
So if you're in Amsterdam this Saturday, come to the Mexx store in the Kalverstraat for a lot of fun!
Would be more than great to meet you over there!