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Fashion Week month has begun and next week I'm going to Milan Fashion Week with the lovely Billierose!
I really can't wait, never been in Italy, so it's gonna be a huge surprise for me probably ;)

Last week I was thinking about what I'm gonna wear on the three days that I'm in Milan, but I seriously didn't know any outfits..
I went to Zara, H&M Trend etc but I couldn't find anything that I really liked.
So today I decided to order some items online (hopefully they fit, fingers crossed!) and these are the items that I bought;
1. Denim dungarees. Actually I wanted some leather ones, but I think denim is a bit more fresh and spring-ish, right? I already got a nice outfit in mind, will show it later if the dungarees fit ;)
2. Huge bling bling earrings. Thinking about wearing them in combination with a beanie.
3. White neoprene sweater. Probably for under the dungarees. And I just wanted it because it's cool ;)
4. Striped pants. A bit baggy, thinking about wearing it with an orange sweater.. And the rest of the outfit, don't know yet.

What's your favorite item?
And are you going to any fashion weeks or have you already been to some?