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Maybe it sounds a bit weird, but I can be so happy of making these kind of pictures.
I love to combine clothes, beauty stuff and interior items to get the perfect glory of colors and materials. I love tulips and these pictures make me feel like it's spring already!

What do you see in the picture?
1. White quilted tee from H&M Trend
2. Gucci flora gorgeous gardenia perfume
3. H&M Trend chunky beanie
4. To do notebook from Hema



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It's time for some beauty talk!
This time I wanted to show you my beauty favorites of the moment:
1. Let's begin with some hairspray from Toni&Guy. This sea salt texturising spray makes your hair looks casual and beachy. Love it!
2. My ultimate favorite BB-cream from Garnier. Feels so fresh on your skin.
3. Something new I bought last week: This super cheap gel polish from Catrice. Looks like you got some shiny gel nails and your nail polish definitely stays longer!
4. Sampar 3 Day Weekend body lotion. Perfect to hydrate the skin and gives your natural pigmentation a boost :)
5. John Freida Full Repair oil. Perfect when you dyed your hair or when you use your straigthner a lot. It repairs and protects your hair to the max ;)
6. And last.. This is seriously my best beauty buy of the month: L'oreal Ever Riche Absolute Oil. Your hair feels kind of silky when you spray it in your hair and the best thing of it: It smells soooo good! Actually I'm only using it for the smell haha.



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Black on track ;)
Always have a weakness for black clothes and stuff, so I decided to make a black favorite 'issue'.. including some grey though.

Smokey eyes
I'm not an eye-shadow person, but I seriously love smokey eyes. It's just super sexy, but only good for party's I think.

Black nail polish
Then we have the black nail polish, perfect for winter and for the all black outfits. The more black, the better, right?
But.. I'm still looking for another 'winter' nail polish color, but no red please.. Suggestions are more than welcome :)

Got a weakness for cute notebooks. Probably you all already know this 'Fashionista's I met and liked' one from other pictures ;) Actually I'm not writing a lot in my notebooks, they're just a sort of addiction haha.

Black chain bracelets
I'm not wearing bracelets that often, but I still love this one from Romwe. Just because it's matte black and you can combine it with almost everything.

Leather skirts
For me leather skirts are the perfect pieces to give a simple look that extra. Gonna show you this one in an outfit very soon.

Grey sweaters
Probably you've already noticed: I love grey sweaters/tees. Easy to combine and wonderful if they have something special like this one from Front Row Shop. You can check the whole sweater over here.

Sneakers in general are great, but I'm especially super in love with special editions, like these Nike Roshe Run Metrics. So glad I found them in my size a couple of months ago. Love the all black thing and amazing texture. Still my favorites!



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Blue coat, Grey quilted sweater, Leather skirt, Black beanie, Black desert boots

I'm not a blue da-ba-di girl at all, but this winter I'm definitely into blue, especially dark blue I thought, untill I saw this super fresh blue coat! I think it's perfect to give my all-black looks that little extra :) So yep, it's ordered!
I also ordered the leather skirt with zippers and thinking about buying the shoes, just because these kind of shoes are too nice for your feet, so perfect for work.



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Hi sweeties!

How was your sunday? Enjoyed it? 
My weekend starts right now, so I'm gonna begin this evening with Pretty Little Liars ;)
For now here are six of my favorites right now:
1. H&M black hat, hats are just great! Love to wear them in the summer, but also in the winter they're perfect!
2. H&M leopard slip ons, new favorite comfy shoes.
3. The Romwe green hairy knit, it's from last winter, but I think it's still amazing.
4. Handbalm from & Other Stories, just love the design haha
5. H&M tiny rings.
6. And last but not least, the orange lipstick from & Other Stories. I'm wearing it on my last outfitpictures btw :)

Do you have to work/go to school tomorrow or are you also free from all the work stuff?
If so, what are your plans?