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It's quite a long time ago that I started a giveaway on my blog, but now, since the sun is shining and everyone is a lot more happy, I thought it's definitely time for a new fresh giveaway!
We all use big bags for shopping and for our groceries, but most of the bags are not that nice and easy to take with you.. So for now.. I got the perfect bags to give away to two of you :)

The bags & pouches are designs from Susan Bijl, a Dutch designer who loves to add some color to her designs (check her website for more great items!). She uses kind of a 'parachute' fabric for her bags, so they're strong and easy to take with you. Susan recently made some new designs and this is the result of some of them!
Do you want to win one of these bags or the clutch/pouch? This is what you've to do:

1. Like Susan Bijl on Facebook
2. Place a comment below with your favorite bag (add the number) and why you should win it.
3. And.. Don't forget to tell me your emailaddress so I can contact you when you won one of the bags :)

That's it!

The giveaway ends at the 20th of April and is open for all countries.



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Let's start with the winner of the Choies $100 gift voucher giveaway.
I had a lot to read and it was hard to choose the winner, but I think the one who totally deserved the price is..


Hopefully your sis and you (don't forget yourself, I think you should buy something yourself too :)) can find some nice clothes for this season :) I'll send you an email right now. Enjoy the price!


And let's go further with my favorite Choies pieces (already ordered the first 2 pieces):
1. Grey long cardigan
2. Printed shirt
3. Black square sweater
4. Nude/pink coat



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It's time for a new giveaway! Just to thank you all for supporting me and my blog for like years now :) I really, really appreciate that, thanks guys!
So who wants to win a $100 gift voucher which you can spend on Choies?!

What you have to do:
1. Like Connected to Fashion on Facebook
2. Place a comment below including your emailaddress and why YOU have to win the voucher
3. Register on Choies

That's all!

The giveaway ends at November 21th, so you've one week to join, good luck!



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I just wanted to prepare all of you for a super nice Choies giveaway tomorrow! Just to thank you all for supporting my blog for like years now! Thanks so much guys!
What you can win? You'll see it tomorrow! ;)

Here are already some of my favorite picks of the moment:
1. Swallow sweater
2. White shirt
3. Black skirt
4. Neoprene skirt
5. Black shirt
6. Striped sweater




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Aaaaand.. It's giveaway time!
You probably all have seen the knuckle rings I've got from
Galisfly. They're tiny and that's definitely why they're so good! This time one of you can win these 5 rose golden rings, sounds great, huh?!

What you've to do to win these rings of upcoming designer Gal Vardi:
1. Follow me on Instagram (@connectedtofashion)
2. Follow Galisfly on Instagram (@galisfly)
3. Leave a comment below including your emailaddress

That's it!
You can enter this giveaway till the 18th of September.

PS. I'm not always announcing the winners of a giveaway in a special blogpost, so when you win something, I'll always send you an email :)