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During MFW Rosanna and I really needed some latte macchiato sometimes, because the weather was too bad.. It was super cold and snowing whole day(s) long. The second day in Milan we came across this amazingly cute bakery.
It's called California Bakery (Hello, we're in Milan?! But hey, who cares?) and you can find it at several places in Milan.
We went to the one at Via Larga 19 (near by the shopping centre)The other ones you can find at the following addresses: Piazza Sant'Eustorgio 4 & Viale Premuda 44. If you're in Milan you should really go there!
The interior is super cute with a lot of wooden seats and small tables, like you're sitting somewhere in a garden. The menu is more than perfect with a lot of cakes, like apple pie, cupcakes, chocolate pie in 100 different ways etc and too much choice for drinks: coffee, latte, a lot of different teas and so on! But if you don't like sweet cakes.. You can also brunch & lunch there!
For me it's definitely the perfect bakery for a shopping break!