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The more Christmas stuff, the better! I ordered a DIY foldeer package a while ago and it's finally ready to hang on my wall.
Perfect for Christmas, but I think it's just great for the whole year actually ;)

How it works:
1. What's in the package: 15 sheets of parts of the foldeer, which you have to fold and paste. And of course there's a description how to do it. It's quite easy, but you have to be patient ;)
2. Then fold, fold fold and paste paste paste.
3. In the meantime you have to paste some parts to eachother to create the head including the ears, nose etc.
4. Then we got the head of the reindeer. After the head you have to fold and paste the antlers and then..
Your reindeer is ready to hang on your wall! 

For more cool interior stuff you should check DaWanda. They've got some cute interior stuff for sweet prices :)
And for the foldeer check here and/or here. It's available in many colors.



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Did some shopping at the H&M online shop for our new home in Maastricht.
Just bought some easy and clean things to fill the living room. I really love the cute cookie jar.
Actually I'll show you our appartment already, but we are still waiting for our dining table and some other stuff.
So I'll show it when the table has arrived, when we bought all the small stuff like posters, vases etc, and just when it's all done! I can tell you: it will take a while ;) but it will be great!



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Love these interiors.
Can't wait to move to Maastricht about one month and furnish my own (well, the boyfriend is also gonna live there ;)) appartment. And I can tell you, we already bought some super nice stuff!

Oh and one question:
Can somebody tell me where to find some nice and cosy sheepskins for in our chairs? Except the cream ones from Ikea..
I'm looking for some greyish/cream/brown ones (don't have to be a sheepskin, but just something that looks like that).
And don't have to be real.. I prefer ones which I can afford ;)