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Last week Phuong and I went to an event of Shoeby at Hotel V in Amsterdam.
For the ones who doesn't know Shoeby at all, I'll introduce you the brand in a small story:
Shoeby is a Dutch brand/store with a lot of perfect basics like tees, trousers and so on, mixed with great eyecatchers like some beautiful jackets and accessoires (which I've seen at the event and the online shop). As example they sell the brands Zoï, Eksept and Vila (definitely my 3 favourites).

Let's go back to the event: Why Shoeby organized a party was because they have a brand new face for their collection, the dutch Leontien Borsato.
Leontien Borsato was called the best dressed woman in The Netherlands and of course she was at the event to tell us something about her own style and about the style of Shoeby. Between some short catwalk shows, Leontien told us her beauty secrets which you can see here.

The spring/summer collection really surprised me! A lot of lime green mixed with some black and whites, but also many earth toned clothes with a 'hippie'-twist (which you can see at the 1rd and 4th picture). I think at Shoeby there's something for everyone and almost every style.
Didn't knew Shoeby was so versatile!