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People are busy & I think Dutch people are seriously some work aholics. I definitely think that's a good thing, but..
Sometimes I catch myself that I don't enjoy my 'day offs'. So since I'm busier with my jobs as online trading manager and freelancer I got kind of a planning for my day offs. It sounds kind of weird maybe, but I just need it to relax on those days.. Curious how my day off looks like?

1. AN EARLY WAKE-UP CALL I love to sleep, but since my new working days start at 9am I also wake up quite early. It feels good to have more time for the daily routine.
2. ENJOY BREAKFAST / When I have some good food for breakfast it feels like a super fresh start of the day! I love to eat some croissants, some warm 'just-out-of-the-oven' baguettes, some fresh juice and a delicious cup of coffee. Nothing better than that! I really need to pay more attention on it.. What about you?
3. THE DAILY MAKE-UP ROUTINE, BUT THEN A LITTLE BETTER During my day offs I think I look better than during my days at work haha. I love to spend some more time in the bathroom when I got the time for it. I like to look for some make-up inspiration on pinterest and try some new looks. Maybe it's an idea to make some 'how I do my make-up' videos?
4. SOME 'FRUSTRATING' GROCERY SHOPPING I mostly listen to some deephouse music while going to the supermarket. It makes grocery shopping a lot more fun, believe me! In the supermarket I seriously have no patience, I just don't like all the slowly walking people over there.. Hello?! I got some long legs, I need to run through the store haha. Luckily there are 'self scanners' over here (don't know how to call them in English?), so within 20 minutes I'm back home ;)
5. NOW IT'S TIME FOR BLOGGING Taking photo's of what I want to blog about, upload them on the laptop, edit them and write a blogpost about it. Nothing special, just how probably all of you bloggers do it. Well, I do it with some loud music through my speakers, that's it ;) After the new blogpost it's time to answer some mails, what takes a while.. But it feels quite good when it's all done.
6. WORKOUT - BELLY, BUTT & LEGTIME! On my day offs I mostly go to the gym. I like bodypump, but I also do some normal workouts myself. The legs, the butt and the belly are the most important for me. I want to get them a little tighter and I'm planning to tell you some more about my process and how I work out. Hopefully you're gonna like it!
7. TIME FOR DINER, MADE BY LE BOYFRIEND My boyfriend is definitely the best cook ever! As you might now his mom is Indonesian (so he's an half one), what means: the best Indonesian food a couple of days a week. And actually he also cooks a lot of healthy food lately, which is just as tasty. 
8. WATCHING SERIES & GETTING MY NAILS DONE My boyfriend injected me with the series-virus, I love to watch them! Most of the time we watch crime series while enjoying some chocolate or healthy nuts. Our favorite series of the moment are definitely Hannibal and True Detective. You should watch them! Some other ones I really like: Homeland, Pretty Little Liars (but hey, talk to you in 5 years, when we finally found out who 'A' is. It's getting quite annoying, right?) and Dexter. Btw, during watching series it's the best time to polish & paint your nails! I hate it, but I love nail polish, so I guess I just have to deal with it? Actually I'm looking for a good working UV-lamp to get myself some gel nails, so if you have some tips, please share them with me :) 
9. ZZZ.. BEDTIME / Time to sleep. Set the alarm for a new working day and that's it!



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The content of what's in my bag actually always changes.. It changes by the seson, it changes by where I'm going to and so on. These items are in my bag the last couple of weeks (from left to right):

Compact powder with a matte finish. After applying all my makeup in the morning I sometimes need some powder after walking in the rain or something. Just to be sure that I can touch up my makeup when it's necessary.

Rituals nude lipgloss. It feels like a balm, makes my lips soft and doesn't have a too specific color. Actually I'm just using it as a lipbalm, yup ;)

COS black leather wallet. A mini wallet for some cash and a couple of cards. I think almost every woman has a big wallet with too many stuff in it, but I really like this small version. Keep it simple!

Keys. Of course.

Chanel Change perfume testers. Easier to take these small testers with me than a big bottle of perfume, right? Still love this amazing smell btw!

Some rings. I don't know why, but I always got some rings in my bag.. Seriously no idea why ;) Probably I just take them off after work or something and put all of them in my bag. Nothing more, nothing less.

Agenda to write down all my meetings for my blog, for my freelance job and when I've to work for my 3rd job. Sounds like a business lady right now ;)

The famous handbalm from & Other Stories. It feels so good and I always use it when I'm bored in the bus or something.

MAC lipstick cremesheen hang-up. A dark red shiny color, bought it like 2 years ago, not using it that much, but still love the color!

Rayban Wayfarer from the boyfriend, oops! I really need to buy one myself, one with some bigger glasses in total black.

Earphones to listen some music on my Iphone during my 15 minute bustrip to work. These earphones from Apple are !@#$%, but my old ones are not working anymore. But still, nothing better than starting the day with some good music.

My phone. Seriously can't live without it. Calling, sending messages & emails, instagramming, everything.



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Whooee, I got a new camera and I just had to test it. Just took these pictures of some random favorites with it and I think my camera did a great job ;)

What's on the picture:
1. HAY wooden hand
2. Vampire diamant ring (sorry, forgot where I got it from)
3. Small above-knuckle rings from Primark
4. A plant in concrete pot (got it from my mom and dad)
5. My alltime favorite notebook, you already know it, but who cares ;)
6. A 'to-do' notebook from Hema.. Yep, my obsession for notebook is ON.
7. Chanel Nr. 5 perfume
8. & Other Stories hand balm, love these kind of tubes.




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Hey guys!

There I am again.. First of all; sorry again for the lack of posts last week(s).
Normally I give you a lot of updates, but I really didn't had the time because of work and my birthday etc etc and I seriously needed some time for myself. So this evening is going to be a relax night and then tomorrow I'm more than back on the blog ;) This tuesday I'm going to my parents and they are gonna shoot a lot of outfitpictures of me, so the outfits are on their way ;)

Btw, many thanks for all the lovely birthday wishes on instagram, facebook and the blog! So sweet :)

For now here is a list of some of my favorites of this moment
1. High waisted baggy shorts and striped tees, always good!
2. Peonies, so in love with these flowers
3. Shades, and yup, in combination with striped tees again.
4. I'm looking for this orange nail polish color for a while now, who's gonna help me find it?
5. The perfect jeans/outfit. Need to get one of these my own.
6. Everything leopard.
7. And everything with Oreos, love these cookies!
8. And last but not least; Levi's denim shorts. As you might know they're my ultimate summer favorites!

Have a nice evening sweeties and talk to you tomorrow! xo



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Some of my favorite things.. from nail polish to fragrance sticks.
All in a row:
1. Sliver skull, Xenos (only 2 euros!)
2. Oriental perfume, Zara
3. White nail polish, Essie
4. Silver watch, Michael Kors
5. Statement bracelet, Cooee
6. Wine red lipstick, MAC
7. Iphone 5 (can't live without my phone)
8. Fragrance sticks (love them!)