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It's time again for a NSMBL Super Sale this saturday (at the 18th of May).
Last time I had a super great day, so hopefully I'll see many of you this saturday again.
I already packed my bags with too many great items: shoes, bags, clothes and accessories.. All for a nice price :)
This time it's for only 3 hours, so be on time! See you this saturday!



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Already told you something on my Instagram account about this super sale, so this more like a reminder.
This saturday, at the 23th of March, the NSMBL team and me and some other lovely bloggers (Six Feet From The Edge, Lovely By Lucy, Just Like Sushi and more!) are gonna sell a lot of clothes/accessoiries/shoes for less! I already put all my stuff together in huge bags (I will sell more than 100 items!) and I know the other girls also have many great items, so yeah, it's gonna be a great day!
Would love to meet you guys, so hopefully I'll see you there! xo