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New year, fresh start, new changes, right? So let's start a new amazing give away!

Probably you all know the brand Palladium, but for the ones that don't know the brand, I'll tell a short story:
Palladium was founded in 1920 in France. Quite a long time ago, right?
Till 1947 they made tires for aircrafts, but after World War 2 there was no more need for those tires, so Palladium used their expertise to make boots that were as hard wearing as their tires.
They were so comfortable that this was the beginning of a great new success of Palladium.
Especially in the 90s Palladium boots were a great success and also now they're totally in fashion by young and creative people! 
As you might know rapper Pharrell had a great collaboration with Palladium and he's totally rocking the boots in every style and color.
The boots are sporty, casual and urban at the same time, and last but not least: I can tell you they're super warm for the colder days (hello winter!).

Let's go back to the giveaway now:
This time you can win the same model of Palladiums which I'm wearing at the pictures.
They are super comfortable ánd warm.

What you have to do:
1. Like Palladium on Facebook
2. Follow me on Bloglovin'
3. Leave a comment with your email adress and why you should win this pair of shoes

The giveaway will end at the 16th of January.
Good luck!