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Okay, I'm a bit afraid to post this, but I'm also excited at the same time..
This is the first time that I'll show you a part of my own work/portfolio.
I think the most of you know I graduated last year for my Fashion Communication/Design education.
For a long time I hesitated about placing my portfolio at my blog, but I think it's gonna be that little bit extra maybe?
Hope you're gonna like it!
And yes.. I like to 'shock' people, including some humor ;)

This is a project of the third year of my education.
Just read the text below..

Pubic hair.. Everyone's got it, so why it's a taboo then?
Where it was first normal to have pubic hair, it's now considered as dirty, ugly and animal.
In modern society it's now being shaved, plucked or even lasered.
Where does the current aversion for pubic hair come from?
In this time is hardly acceptable. People who don't shave themselves are considered 'strange and dirty'.
Today we want to look like a machine: smooth, shiny and soft.
If we don't want anything, it's to look like a hairy monkey of which we descend.
By technology the hair has to be go away. And stay away!
But.. Is change possible? Can people accept pubic hair again?

With these pictures I'll show the contrast of the machine and the hairy monkey.
The soft and geometric silhouettes of the legs represent the machine.. The long pubic hair represents the 'hairy monkey'.
Because of the taboo I think it was best to approach it with a sense of humor, so that's why I've chosen for the dramatic long hair. It's a serious subject flavoured with a little bit of humor.