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I think this was more than just a collection presentation.
Designer Shao Yen showed us his AW12 collection at beautiful models in a perfect classy but dark building/room.
Shao Yen's trademark is his experimentation with unconventional materials and forms and this is what you totally saw at this collection: Accents of classy suits, fur and sheered fabrics combined with a sporty look like sport socks, sneakers and baseball caps. The models were kind of classy and comfi dressed at the same time, which is the best way to wear clothes in my opinion. And a last, but not least detail: Orange! The colour was so intense in combination with the basic black, I really loved it.

Shao Yen didn't choose for some electronical music like other designers do, he just had some live music during his presentation. A woman played passionately on her violin and gives the presentation that little extra touch.

For me this was one of the best collections I've seen during LFW.
The location, the models, the live music, the fabrics and shapes, all original and innovative.