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Black basic sweater / Marble skirt / Black boots

'Goodmorning'! I'm quite late and too tired this day, so here's just a small blogpost.
Had a great party last night, so this day is all about relaxing, watching series and just doing nothing.
For now these three favorites of Choies. The marble skirt is already ordered, saw it on Angelica Blick and I immediately loved it. Great for in summer, but I think it's also great with some black thights and a black or grey coat or something. Besides that I definitely want to wear skirts more often. As you might know I tried an H&M Trend skirt a couple of days ago and actually I really loved it. I felt kind of weird and super girl in it, but I think some more skirt is my wardrobe are not bad at all. So let's begin with this one!

Oh btw, do you recommend some series? I like the ones like Homeland, Banshee, Ray Donovan, Pretty Little Liars, Dexter, Luther and so on.. Probably I've already seen most of them, but let me know! Still looking for some new good ones! :)

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Curly faux fur coat, Black faux fur coat, Cream faux fur coat

Meanwhile in my wardrobe: a longline grey coat, a black one, a hairy pink coat, a leather jacket, a teddy coat and so on.. But hey, where's my faux fur coat? Nowhere? I think it's the perfect time now for a coat like that, lovely on my new leather pants and just super warm.
I'm thinking of the black or cream one. Which one to order?



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Wintercoats can be quite expensive, or you have to buy a super standard one.
I found these beauty's on Choies a couple of days ago and yep, I think the prices are great!

You can find them here:
1. Grey long coat
2. Cream faux fur coat
3. Mintgreen coat
4. Cream coat
5. Black & white coat
6. Dark blue coat

Got yourself a favorite?

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Looking for the perfect coat for this winter and here are my favorite ones which I found online.
Which one is your favorite and why should I buy it? :)

1. COS grey coat
2. Asos patent coat
3. COS sporty burgundy coat
4. Asos light pink classic coat
5. & Other Stories camel coat
6. Asos long grey coat
7. Topshop flamingo boyfriend coat
8. COS black coat



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Happy monday morning everyone!

It's my 'weekend' today, so I'm starting my day kind of lazy at my parents house. Looking for some nice fashion inspiration and I was hoping my father could take some outfitpictures of my outfit today, but the weather is soooo bad! It's raining like crazy the entire morning, so hopefully the weather is better in the afternoon. 
What I wanted to blog about.. This amazing sweater! It looks like it's super cozy and warm AND oversized, what I really like about winter sweaters. So now I'm thinking about buying it.. What do you think? Should I buy it or not?