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Ph. via Angelica Blick & Pinterest

Damn, I need some more sun, some more summer clothes and just that happy feeling!
Actually I was drooling around the wonderful pictures of one of my favorite bloggers, Angelica Blick. She went to Curacao last couple of days and I'm just totally jealous. I really need some bounty beaches in my life right now ;)
So when the summer doesn't come to me, I'm going to the summer with daydreaming about it. And yes, please daydream about it with me while watching some of my summer cravings:

1. ACNE black tee
2. & OTHER STORIES straw hat
4. ACNE striped trainers
5. ZOE KARSSEN sweater
6. TOPSHOP bralet

And love the hair of the girl on the right! I need a new haircut and haircolor a.s.a.p., my hair isn't white anymore, but I think I want the white hair again? And then maybe some kind of haircut like this? Without fringe, just a messy haircut, nothing special. Or when you have some ideas for me, please tell me!



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ZARA distressed jeans / PAMELA LOVE earrings / AESOP moisturising mask / DAVID EHRENSTRAHLE london poster / ZARA pearl necklace / OPENING CEROMONY x DKNY cap / POLS POTTEN pineapple / NOTION 1.3 scuba jacket / H&M dots bikini / ARTILLERIET night lamp cylinder

Deeply, deeply, deeply in love with all of these! Isn't it just all perfect?
Does someone know a place where money is growing or something? ;)
The things of this list which I definitely need are the London poster (I was looking for it for aaaages and finally found the designer of it), the Notion 1.3 scuba jacket and the H&M bikini. Then I also would love to have the Pamela Love earrings, but at the moment they're a bit over budget unfortunately.
What are you favorite items?



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I love shopping and I love online shopping! This time I chose my favorite items of & Other Stories:
1. Pink baggy trousers, so perfect for this spring/summer!
2. Mesh and kind of boxy sweater, you can't see the mesh, but it's wonderful!
3. A jersey sweatdress.. What can go wrong?
4. Love the combination of white and rose gold in these ponytail holders.
5. Black & white bag.
6. This lace bra looks so good and gives you some support, perfect!
7. Thick framed shades, need to buy me something like these.
8. Black/white/grey spotted Rosherun's, love the colors!
9. Lovely lipstick color, definitely need this color for spring/summer.
10. Black baggy trousers with an amazing shape!

Bad thing. Now I want all of them..



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Zara, I can only tell you that I love you!
Found the left picture somewhere on Tumblr, and was like: hmm where is this wonderful look from?
I thought it was from a designer brand or something, untill I found out it was 'just' Zara. I see me wearing this kind of looks whole spring: a simpe, nice cut jacket, some leather slides (probably the IM ones) and then these baggy leather pants, how amazing are they?! Unfortunately the pants are not available yet, but when they are, I'm definitely gonna buyt them!



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Acne shades, Ann Demeulemeester pants, Fleur of England lace bra, Chloe sweater, OAK tanktop, Isabel Marant leather slides

New year, new wishes. Yesterday I was drooling around some webshops and came across these wonderful summer items. Especially the Marant leather slides are high on my wishlist! What do you think about them?
Further I definitely need some baggy black pants, so not these per se.
And then the lace bra.. How wonderful! Actually I already got a lace bra from Calvin Klein, but this one is so much better..
Summer I miss you!